Terms of Service

Last updated: 7th October 2019

Upon registration, by creating an account with AceMyTask, you agree and bound by the following Terms of Service, otherwise, termed as TOS.


The following definitions should help you understand the terms of service.

When we say "we", "us", "our", and "AceMyTask", we are generally referring to AceMyTask Writing Agency.

"TOS" is an abbreviates Terms of Service.

The "services" refers to the writing activities or any creative task we may provide you on request.

"Client" refers to the person or organization that has willingly chosen to register and place writing orders on our website.


For any question and concern, you can simply log on our Frequently Asked Questions or contact our support directly via Our Contact Form.

General Terms of Use

We do not collect or redistribute your personal content unless you request and provide us your consent.

We reserve the right to immediately block your account and delete it from our database if the content is proven inappropriate. Such content can be sexually explicit, illegal, violent, abusive, spam, threatening, or contains any unethical information.

AceMyTask reserves the right to reject to do any business or dealings with you if you violate anything highlighted on this TOS.

Although we rarely do, in case we choose to empty our servers, we will communicate with you officially in advance.

A deposit amount of not less than 50% is required as a commitment fee before any job begins.

Your Account

To use AceMyTask services, you must create an account via our Registration Page. By accepting to provide us your email, you agree that we will use it as the primary means to communicate with you.

We reserve the right to deny you an account with AceMyTask or even delete it if you violate any of our terms of use elements.

Technical Support

We provide all technical assistance through our in-built chat functionality, email forms on our web, email or via direct phone calls.

Your Privacy

By using our services, you agree to our Privacy Policy. Kindly, provide us an accurate email address that can be used to reach you.

Refund Policy and Order Cancelation

AceMyTask guarantees you a 100% money refund in case you cancel the order before the writer starts it. You can only cancel an order through official communication to us via our email.

Limited Liability and Warranty

We take no responsibility for any damages or loss affecting your account, business or services resulting from these terms of service.

Please use strong passwords to secure your account. You can routinely update your logins according to your preference.

The services are provided according to this TOS. We may change, edit or remove any functionality or service at any time.


If there are any disagreements between you and us regarding our terms of use, the issue should be addressed by both parties. We shall meet in person or through the online media to discuss the matter(s) in an attempt to resolve the dispute; otherwise, the external mediator shall come in.